The Da Vinci Code

May 20, 2006 at 6:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I went for the release of Da Vinci Code, yesterday. I was awaiting this movie for a long time and in preparation re-read the book and solved all the puzzles of Google's da Vinci code quest and won a crypetex as prize… Probably, I was expecting too much out of the movie… The movie was a total disappointment…

First, Tom Hanks' action sucks. I'm not a big fan of Hanks, but I liked his action in Terminal. But, in this movie, his character – The erudite Harvard Professor, Robert Langdon was totally unsuiting for him. While, Langdon in the book is smart inspite of his confusions, I got the impression that the movie showed him as dumb guy and majority of the talking was left to others, including Leigh Teabing. Even more bad thing about the movie was the total lack of chemistry between French heroine Audrey Tautou and Hanks. Though, the book didnt show much about any chemistry between them, there was an implicit relationship between them. Moreover, the book's wealth of details could drown this apparent missing link. But, in a movie it is unpardonable that the protaganists lack chemistry between them. Whether it is an historic story, or an action movie or a horror movie, the audience expect the hero and heroine to have atleast a subtle affection and emotion between them. It is one thing that holds a 2 1/2 hour show. But, no emotion was shown even when they were clusterded in a closed space, with Sophie comforting Robert in the armoured truck… The audience were left to ask, "Is there something wrong with the hero". The heroine was so amazing and charming and the dumb hero totally lacks sensitivity towards her.
The movie also lacked much of a thrill that characterized the book, and the screenplay made it sure that the film was really slowwwwww. There were no important twist or a turn… and the director also didnt spend much time in showing the historical artifacts coming in the book – The Louvre Museum and the grand gallery, WestMinister Abbey in London, Roslin Church or Saint Sulpice of Paris. An ardent fan of the book expected to see all of those things in the visual media and they were left for total disappointment.

For the people, who have not read the book, so many of the plot events were not clear and they were left confused.

On the whole, the movie was a total disappointment for both the fans of book and the non-readers of the book. 



  1. Qwerty Maniac said,

    People who have read the book wont like the movie for many reasons.
    People who havent read wont understand unless its played with Subs (I doubt that too)

    So totally, perhaps its those who have read half of the book (first or last) who’ll make sense outta the movie 😛

  2. ???????????????????????????????/ said,

    ^^^^^^ dont understand mesege aabove

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