Pluto – No longer a planet

August 25, 2006 at 10:19 pm (Uncategorized)

In an interesting move, a large body of astronomers collected under the aegis of IAU (International Astronomers Union) decided to demote the status of Pluto to a dwarf planet, instead of regular planet. It means our solar system has only 8 planets and not 9, as we studied till now.

The declassification seems to have been done in view of a majority’s concerns of Pluto being a largely frozen surface and dissimiliar in composition to the other 8 planets, and 3 other bodies in the solar system – Charon 3, a satellite of Pluto, 2003 UB313,  and a huge asteroid between Mars and Jupiter qualify to become a planets,  if Pluto (with relaxed admission norms) continues to be accepted as a planet.

Lots of rewriting of school textbooks needs to be done, around the world 🙂

How do you feel, having to lose one interesting planet from our system?


World mourns poor Pluto’s plight

Pluto Loses Designation, Sues IAU

Is 8 enough- Reaction mixed to Pluto’s demotion

Pluto No Longer Considered a Planet



  1. Hubert said,

    We are not loosing a planet just because mentally emprisoned scientists decide to give Pluto a different classification. If people would look at the empirical evidence in astrology, it would be very clear to them that Pluto is the bottom line regulator of our life directive, hence has major holographic impacts on us, no matter whether they call it a planet or a pebble.


    • I hate liberals said,

      who gives a rats ass about pluto, there are more important things to worry about in the universe

  2. sarah said,

    i would like to know what happen in the picture(details included pls)=)

  3. Ahriman said,

    i agree, now we have rewrite text books and “erase” pluto from our memory as a planet. 😦

  4. chris james said,

    I want to know what happening in the pictures!

  5. marlean said,

    why?pls have more details thanks

  6. jeff said,

    [I want to know what happening in the pictures!] It shows pluto exploding into a non-regular planet and i guess non regular means smaller

  7. maria said,

    A planets a planet no matter how small!

  8. Mitch said,

    What happened in the photo??

  9. Helen said,

    It’s a stupid thing under my opinion. I agree with Hubert … duh people how can u say that? It’s like calling a normal people unnormal because he had an accident and his/hers finger had to be removed.

    Pluto remains a planet !

  10. kt said,

    Pluto is still a planet! If Pluto is a “lost moon” or whatever they call it now so are we! Pluto orbits the sun, we orbit the sun, Pluto has one moon, and so do we! Don’t judge a person by the outside; don’t judge a planet by its size!

    • gabi said,

      i agree with kt

  11. Ashley Beavers said,

    Pluto will always remain a planet and a cute orange Disney dog.

  12. Alain niyibizi said,

    its not fair for pluto

  13. addie said,

    Pluto will always be a planet in my heart, just like “veggie” monster will always be “cookie” monster! ❤ ❤ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  14. bitch said,

    all you guys need to shut the fuck up for i beat your ass

  15. christine said,

    I am very dissapointed to learn that only 5%of the worlds population of scientists are allowed to rule on pluto’s fate!!!!

  16. salman said,

    I think it’s not fair that only scientists are allowed to decide whether Pluto is or is not a planet. Pluto is not only their planet to decide, but all of our planet to decide. you can’t judge something because it’s different.

    • gabi said,

      true that salman.

  17. Chrissy said,

    Dumbest thing Ive ever heard. This group of scientists needs to put their smarts to better use instead of declassifying planets based on size. Just what exactly is going on in this pic? or is it photoshopped? Pluto is still a planet and I will continue to tell him we have nine despite what his teachers say.

  18. Chrissy said,

    Dumbest thing Ive ever heard. This group of scientists needs to put their smarts to better use instead of declassifying planets based on size. Just what exactly is going on in this pic? or is it photoshopped? Pluto is still a planet and I will continue to tell my son we have nine despite what his teachers say.

  19. Haris said,

    I cant believe scientists decided that Pluto is not a planet anymore.. if it has a moon despite its size it should still be considered a planet… it is not just up to them to decide.. yes it might be icy and small but what does that have to do with it? it still orbits the sun just as kt said in the comment…scientists should alter their decision.. they are also causing schools, libraries, and businesses a lot of money to get new books because of this.. i just think this was a wrong decision especially for people so smart.

  20. ViSUAL.RAwKz[SSD] =] said,

    ThiiS iiS sO sTuPiiD.sERiiOS.
    hOW cUD sCieNtiSTs dO diiS.
    siZE doEsN’T mATTeR!,pLuTO
    sHuDN’T bEE jUdgEd bii DiiS.
    ii tHiiNK, tHEy wuD nEEd a bEEtER
    rEasoN y sHuD pLuTo sHudN’T bEE
    a pLAnEt nO mOrE,diiS iSS so lAMe. =P

    • smarty pance said,

      i think that visual rawks is stupid she dosnt know how to spell get a life people

  21. James said,

    Scientist’s are perfectly right when they changed Pluto’s classification to dwarf planet. They decided what criteria a planet had to fulfill, and Pluto did not meet all of the criteria, specifically, it has not cleared its orbit of other matter. Categorizing celestial bodies is a part of science, and therefore scientist’s have the right to do so. Just because a rock orbits the Sun, it is not a planet; what about all the asteroids? The line has to be drawn somewhere.

  22. patience said,

    ho man this is not fair for plut and i think we can change that

  23. patience said,


  24. alain niyibizi said,

    that picture is a fluke

  25. Maddi & Steph! said,

    Pluto Rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!ELEVEN!!!

  26. Tammy said,

    Hahahahaha, wow this could go on for ever…

    Science and modern technology keep growing, and if scientists find out new evidence that Pluto is not really a proper planet, then we can’t be teaching the kids of tomorrow something that’s not really true!!! But I have to admit Kt and Harris’s comment’s sure do make a lot of sens!!! And what’s up with the pic???

  27. Harris Perdana said,

    How could you say so

  28. Jorgiana said,

    pluto is pluto is very far away from the sun yEs im a pluto is a planet person but people just need to lear their facts because PLUTO ! is a dwart planet ethire u like it or not .

  29. zadnetsa123 said,

    WOWOWOOWOWOWthats crazy news that youve got there! Pleace explain more about it or i will not beleave it couse i think and my family that it’s just fotoshopped!

  30. John said,

    That kinda stinks. I like Pluto

  31. hania said,

    the scientist didn’t remove pluto from our solar system but pluto has been vanished from our solar system there is no existance for pluto that meens that his time came the scientist are trying to solve whe is earth day going to come but they can’t coz god is the only one who knows when earth last day come

  32. Scott said,

    First, learn to spell before you comment.
    Second, learn how science works before you go accusing scientists for updating our understanding of the Solar System.
    “Don’t judge a person by the outside; don’t judge a planet by its size,” is one of the most ridiculous things said so far. Pluto’s eccentric orbit, terrestrial composition, and angle of orbit all are valid points to make Pluto into a dwarf planet. On the other hand, it is large enough for gravity to round it into a sphere, and it has a moon (albeit half its size) – all which seem to be overruled. I’m not saying whether or not I agree with their decision, but I do understand why they made that decision.
    Again, do a little research to understand what the criteria are for planets before you spout unintelligible comments.

  33. Scott said,

    Oh, and by the way. Before anyone else asks what the picture is about, read the whole thread. That question has been answered.

  34. Jack said,

    After reading the whole thread (out of boredom) Scott is probably the only person actually using his head. Seriously, hearing the “Pluto-is-a-planet” people’s arguments makes me worried that dumb-shits outnumber thinking people 30:1. There’s a science behind this decision. Saying that scientists don’t have the right to make that choice is beyond idiocy. Who else has that power? You can’t expect some random person on the street to have the same say in this as an expert on heavenly bodies. But by far Hania has got to be the greatest idiot in this thread; actually thinking that Pluto left the solar system and talking random absurdities.

    I second the notion that you should learn a little more about the subject before you give your 2-cents worth.

  35. azilibur said,

    what happen in photo

  36. bob said,

    hi i love u all

  37. micheal jackson said,

    u people r dumb

  38. mathiew said,

    I think pluto is still a planet. Scientist should not be the only one to decide.

  39. elizabeth said,

    I need to know im in the fifth grade and i want to become an earth scientist so what planet will no longer be, or what will become

  40. Cole said,

    😦 PLUTO GO BOOM?!?!?!?!?!?!!? :O

  41. Alex said,

    In the picture it is more of a symboligy that since pluto is no longer a planet it might as well be destroyed. It is basically saying the “planet” Pluto is gone. Also giant exploding planets are cool and if you look closer that isn’t a smaller planet it is dust kicked up from the impact.

  42. david said,

    it does not matter how small it is planet will always be a planet they may have it eased out of the book, but for sure pluto will remain as a planets in the minds of million/

  43. meggie said,

    hi bi niggf tfajfa vydyvvv gehru

    hyugre 9tyt8rebdgfhkjerirsao iuiuyr yyuyr

    ytdfdf bytroa b hgtyu yfr

  44. meggie said,


  45. halloweenangel said,

    I am going to have to agree with MJ………….does it really matter how we catergorize Pluto???????????? Dont we have more important things to worry about?????????

    Pluto will still be there no matter what us earthlings call it…… people have a lot of time on your hands……..

  46. hhbmb said,

    umm well ok

  47. satan said,

    u guys are all gay yoou can suck my cock i made pluto so fuck off i needed somthin to masterbait to

  48. LAYLA said,


  49. Him said,

    I think there should be a public vote on this.

  50. she said,

    what is happening in the photo????

  51. she said,

    im cooler then all of u (hahaha)

  52. amazeink. said,

    Geez it’s really gunna make a diffrance in my life, maybe I should join a Pluto sect or somefing like that or maybe walk around wiff my arms in the air for a year. Struff I’m deviestaited! “#@!&.

  53. sauze said,

    The classification of Pluto as a dwarf planet was not based completely on size. The International Astronomical Union has three qualities that every planet most contain: it must orbit the sun, it must be able to be kept together in equilibrium by its on gravity, and it must be the largest thing in its orbit. Pluto violates the final one, as it is .07 times the mass of additional objects in its orbit whilst Earth’s mass is 1.7 million times the mass of additional objects in the orbit. If it was based entirely on size then there should be about 3-4 more planets because there are many other objects that orbit the sun that are in fact bigger than Pluto i.e. Eris. In addition to all of this, the Kuiper belt (a belt of asteroids 200 times larger than the asteroid belt in our solar system) lies on the outskirts of our solar system and Pluto has indeed emerged from that as well as Neptune’s moon, Triton.

  54. juan said,

    Did he Died?

  55. sara said,

    okii that is just a planet not a person whoz die ommgg dumb ass

  56. sneha said,

    nice report

  57. Me said,

    I love this picture–I made me read the article

  58. charb said,

    youre ruining gods masterpiece of 9 planets hehe

  59. charb said,

    is that a moon hitting a planet in the picture????

  60. panzer38t said,

    is that a moon hitting a planet in the picture???

  61. ano yan said,

    what is the correct challenge

  62. David said,

    The Pluto is and will remain until the world goes, and nothing else!
    Der Pluto wird und bleibt bis die Welt unter geht stehen und nichts anderes!!
    Plutoni i është dhe do të qëndrojnë deri në botë shkon, dhe asgjë tjetër!
    فإن بلوتو وسيظل كذلك إلى أن العالم يمر ، ولا شيء آخر!
    В Плутон е и ще остане, докато в света отива, и нищо друго!
    Pluto er og bliver, indtil verden går, og intet andet!
    The Pluto on ja jääb kuni maailm läheb, ja mitte midagi!
    Että Pluto on ja pysyy, kunnes maailma menee, eikä mitään muuta!
    Le Pluton est et reste du monde est en train, et rien d’autre!
    O Plutão é, e continuará ata que o mundo vai, e nada máis!
    Ο Πλούτωνας είναι και θα παραμείνει έως ότου ο κόσμος πηγαίνει, και τίποτα άλλο δεν!
    את Pluto היא תישאר עד העולם הולך, ושום דבר אחר!
    यह प्लूटो है और जब तक दुनिया जाता है, और कुछ नहीं रह जाएगा!
    Pluto yang adalah dan akan tetap berjalan sampai di dunia, dan tidak ada lagi!
    The Pluto ve dek Dünya gider ve yok olmaya devam edecektir!
    Các sao Điêm vương và sẽ vẫn là cho đến khi đi trên thế giới, và không có gì khác!

  63. Frank said,

    Wow buy all the books you can with Pluto in them and hold on to them in 1,000,000,000 years they may be worth something. Well there can only be nine I guess so Pluto had to go to make room for TrES-4. TrES-4 this is the new biggest thing in our universe. Look it up.
    Now you know why they had to disown Pluto

  64. afiah mighty said,

    i think that plouto is till around and although plouto is a dwaft planet ithink we sound have plouto appresiation day .thank you.

  65. Subhash Yadav said,

    whether the pluto is still a planet let me know ?

  66. narissa,dania,amira and mysa said,

    i don understand? howcome pluto is not a planet.
    i think its a moon ment for neptune as i mean every planet has its own moon anyway
    why is it still there?did it explode? what is the reason that it is ment this way
    i hate pluto the dog

  67. Maverick said,

    People…. in this world itself we got huge trouble to solve… Never mind pluto… it really stings…

  68. dave said,

    science evolves all the time, new things will always be discovered and existing ones will be modified. it`s scientists who told us of planets and if they tell you that pluto is not a planet who are you to disagree. Pluto will still be there and you can still love it, it will still orbit the sun. and to those of you who write non sense here please do a bit of research, it helps.

  69. rebecca said,

    why i don’t love this planet but it is still a planet richt huh realy i am serious
    i am 11 and i hope that evrybody there and here a new planet find please
    come on realy


  70. Time said,

    Pluto is bogus.

  71. Elvis said,

    that is not cool pluto should be a planet…. oo wow all becuase pluto move weird and is little: is not a planet. a planet move arond the sun so does pluto. so to me that is a planet.

  72. George clooney said,

    hi guys i would to say a couple of things how can u abolish a planet no matter what you say pluto is still a planet yes it maybe smaller than all the other planets well thats what you think pluto is so far away how do you no that its small it could be atleast 15x the size of jupiter no one really knowns unless they visit the planet never happen but thats all i really have to say thanks all nice picture

    George Clooney

  73. Adeniran heritage said,

    adhuebrgbnijvmvrrf pluto

  74. Julius Carsula said,

    PINOYZ Rule!

    Hey, this is OUR SOLAR SYSTEM too … shouldnt we ALL have the right to label it what we want to… its not fair that scientists went ahead and demoted Pluto and done tell us its not a planet. It will always be Planet Pluto and the admirable and loyal Disney pug.

  75. jun won said,

    i love your picture but some of the informations were wrong. but still got a 89 in the test
    thank you

  76. bum said,

    hi i am bum and i poooooooo a lot i wish i would stop pooing:(

  77. Suckinallday said,

    Wow all the damn controversy. You all are fuckin stupid pluto is a damn planet!!!!! Its not like you need pluto to wake up in the mornings or some shit. Pluto is a dwarf planet in space. It has no feelings. You might as well stick it in a toaster like a piece of toast cause it has less emotions than the bread i eat in the damn morning. To all the other adults on here stop making a big deal out of nothing get over it and accept it you hardheaded mother fuckers.

  78. PLUTO said,

    I appreciate all the support from my fans but sorry im a dwarf planet i have no feelings. please stop making posts about me because it is embarrising. please accept my wishes and cease action. i am a DWARF PLANET.

    Peace and Love

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