Snow in Seattle? You must be kidding, Mr. Weatherman

November 28, 2006 at 8:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Seattle in snowSeattle had an unusual burst of snow in the last couple of days, and it shocked everyone. For a city that has only 3 seasons – rainy, more rainy and even more rainy, snow caught everybody unawares and the fact that only a few inches of snow could lead to closures of school and paralysis of road-systems and even Microsoft offices, show how much “prepared” Seattle was. The road and footpaths were not cleared even long after the snow stopped and coming from North-east where we see much more snow, I could not stop wondering what would Seattle do with a foot of snow.

Since many of us drive rear-wheel driven cars, things get worser, and I saw sorry figures of BMW and Mercs, getting stuck in the middle of intersection, unable to proceed. Even my car went for a toss, a couple of weeks back in Steven’s pass, where there was a blizzard and not having experience in snow-driving, I slammed the brakes on ice, from 70mph. The car went for a full 180-degree turn and stood in the opposite lane. On a bad day, I might have gone forever, but luckily no vehicle turned up for the next couple of mins, allowing me to slowly pull my vehicle out of the snow.

The road is sluggish now (the notorious black snow – snow, ice, water and dirt) and it is damn slippery. I feel now, even the irritating rains were better. 😉 


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  1. Belinda said,

    omg seattle.. hometown of grunge (drool).. Well Seattle has the same… weather..thingy as Norway, rain all the damn time, but if it snows, at all, we’re prepared 🙂
    I’d love to visit seattle, sightseeing and stuff. Maybe find out where Layne thomas Staley used to hang out, except from the music bank though hehe. Ah well, good luck on driving on ice (if the snow comes back.. ever.. MWAHAHAHAH!)

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